C U R R I C U L U M  V I T A E  


Mary C. Bernet is an actress, singer and dancer. She acquired her schooling and ballet education in the Netherlands and went on to gain her singing and acting training in Frankfurt/Main and in Berlin, Germany.
Especially her time studying under Uta Hagen at the H.B. Studio in New York City has had an important influence on her work. She also acquired a specialized musical education in Munich.

From october 2019 Mary C. Bernet is a solo member of the Musical company in theatre for Niedersachsen.
She played in the famous Musical "Company" from Stephen Sondheim.
Futhermore she will continue to play in 2020 and 2021 her successfull Soloevening: Piaf-the sparrow of Paris.

For seven years she performed as a solo ballet dancer in Germany and has played leading roles in many renowned German theatres, amongst others:

Mary C. Bernet has also performed in countless TV shows and series and is often a special guest on the most beautiful cruiseships all over the world. She also directs plays and is a well-known choreographer.
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